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4 Reasons to Consider a Used Industrial Generator

Written on December 20th 2017.

Businesses and organizations of all types rely on electric power. From office environments to large manufacturing facilities, electricity powers production. What happens if power is disrupted? Operations are halted and revenue is lost. Backup generators are essential to a prepared business or organi… read more

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Hiring With a Vision

Written on November 21st 2017.

One of the most important jobs of a company’s leadership team is to define the vision of the company and make that vision become a reality. A company’s purpose, values, and mission can’t simply be limited to words on a boardroom wall. A company’s culture is formed by how its people live out the visi… read more

What is Cooling Tower Fill, and Which Type is Best?

Written on November 7th 2017.


Cooling towers are designed to cool water as quickly and efficiently as possible. To accomplish this, the water needs to flow over as much surface area as possible — in order to provide the maximum possible contact between the air and the water. “Fill” is a medium that’s used in cooling towers … read more

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When to Choose Through-Hole Mount Over Surface Mount PCBA Technology

Written on November 7th 2017.

For many years, through-hole technology was the standard method for securing component leads to a PCB. Over time, semiconductor packaging equipment has evolved. Surface mount technology, popularized about three decades ago, provides additional functionality and requires less space. Surface mount tec… read more

Common Generator Failures & How to Address Them

Written on October 31st 2017.

Businesses rely on electric power to function. If power is disrupted, operations are interrupted and revenues are lost. Many companies are setting up their facilities with standby power in the form of generators, to protect the bottom line from being impacted by power disruptions.

But generators … read more

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