We are Happy to Introduce Our Data Center Partnering Program!

Written on January 18th 2016.

We are happy to announce the launch of our Data Center Partnering Program (DCPP) meant to better accomplish data center decommissioning at sites across the United States. With the DCPP, LEL International comes alongside real estate agents, data center owners, and those assisting clients that are inv… read more

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Data Center Equipment: Creativity Counts

Written on December 16th 2015.

Creativity and flexibility may not be two qualities that immediately come to mind when you are thinking about supplying a new data center or decommissioning an old one. However, the idea of “cost savings” is absolutely one that comes to mind, and creativity and flexibility are very closely tied to s… read more

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Comparing a Used Hitec UPS With a Static UPS System

Written on July 16th 2015.

As our society becomes more and more dependent on digital communication and the Internet, outages in cell phone service, network access, and electricity become less acceptable. Loss of power at a data center, for instance, means far more than inconvenience; it could put huge amounts of sensitive inf… read more

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