Exciting Career Opportunties

LEL International isn’t just a great company to do business with—it’s a great company to work for as well. The integrity and honesty that we bring to every business relationship carry through to our employee/employer dynamic. This helps us form a team that loves working together every day to provide exceptional service for our customers across the United States and internationally.

What Our Employees Do

Our sales representatives interact with clients who are looking to purchase used cooling towers, compressors, data center equipment, boilers, and other industrial equipment for their facilities. Our agents explain the many benefits of buying used instead of new—most importantly, the fact that they can save 50-80 percent of new equipment costs up front. Our sales reps also meet interested clients at complete sites to show them what equipment is available and what condition it is in.

Our administration staff is always making new contacts with facility managers who are looking to both buy and sell used industrial equipment. As we negotiate purchases of equipment, analyze complete sites, and conduct other activities, we build our ability to connect buyers and sellers of both standard and highly specialized industrial/commercial units. The larger our network of contacts grows, the more our clients benefit!

Joining Our Team

The ideal applicants for our available positions have a great work ethic, love functioning as part of a team, and understand the importance of exceptional customer service. It’s always our pleasure to welcome a new member to the LEL International team, and we look forward to reviewing your resume.

Available positions at LEL International are listed below. If your experience and talents are a good fit, please get in touch with us and send us your resume. Our management will review it and get back to you about meeting you in person.

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