Creating Hope Through Passionate Team Members.

It's not a mantra. It's what we believe in.


Thinking about joining the LEL team? Before you take the next steps, there are a few things that you should know about us. On paper, we’re a group of salesmen and asset managers, business professionals and project implementers, administrators and support personnel. Take a closer look and you’ll find a bunch of pizza-loving problem solvers and sports-fanatic equipment specialists; multitasking moms and coffee-chugging students of leadership; green thumb process- enthusiasts and vertical-building bow hunters, all working toward the same goal: making our customer the hero of their own company’s story.

We are big believers in striving to know our customers’ business as well as they do and working alongside them to develop forward-thinking equipment solutions to serve them for years to come. We value communication and safety in every project we do, and we’re avid fans of celebrating for, well, almost everything. We believe that trust is earned, not expected, and that the best customer experience starts with the best employee experience. We work together to solve industrial challenges and our goals include becoming a better version of ourselves every day. We know we’ve done our job well when we develop lifelong relationships with our customers while investing in our relationships at home.


 Sound like your kind of people?



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