Courtney Luna, Director of Business Development

LEL International specializes in the purchase and resale of used industrial equipment. We are headquartered in South Carolina, but do business all over the United States and internationally, and in all varieties of industrial settings.

We continuously look for new types of equipment to add to our inventory, yet we are always specifically looking for the following types of equipment:
• Chillers (Air Cooled and Water Cooled)
• Cooling Towers
• Boilers
• Generators
• Air Compressors
• Electrical (UPS, PDU, Data Center Equipment)
• Stainless Steel Tanks

At LEL, we have experience in equipment removal, plant dismantling, refrigerant recycling, and data center decommissioning. We also work with our clients to locate used equipment at facilities around the country. It is our goal to approach every business relationship with knowledge, experience, and insistence on integrity, while saving our clients valuable time and money.



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Why Choose LEL International

In every interaction with every client, we at LEL International make integrity and honesty our top priorities. These are important, but unfortunately rare qualities in the used equipment industry! Whether we ask you to inspect a piece of equipment carefully before you purchase it from us or whether we are providing a quote for buying your entire industrial facility, our reputation assures you that you can trust us to be fair and up-front with you.

Convenience for our clients is another strong reason to deal with LEL International. Our agents work hard to find the exact used equipment you need so that you don’t have to do the searching yourself. When you need a single unit or an entire site decommissioned, our experts take over the entire decommission, removal, and recycling/disposal process and leave you free to pursue your company’s interests.

We know you will enjoy working with us for all your used industrial equipment needs. Please get in touch with us today to tell us about your company and your project.

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