Data Center Decommissioning

Data Center Asset Purchasing/Decommissioning In-house Data Centers/Data Center Demolition

LEL International assists data centers in decommissioning and disposing of electronic equipment, cooling systems, and infrastructure. Our teams of technicians have extensive knowledge of the precautions, governmental regulations, and disposal methods associated with this unique industry.

How LEL Is Different From Other Decommissioning Services

Some companies expect you to pay for your equipment decommissioning and removal, then wait while they broker off the valuable assets and equipment. This can take a very long time, causing a long delay before you see a return on your decommission costs. We assess the value right away and purchase your equipment of value before beginning the removal process.

We buy and sell used equipment daily and maintain a large inventory of all types of critical and industrial items. By using our decommissioning team, you can cut out the “broker fees” of other decommissioning services, which sell your assets to a company like ours and then skim a percentage off the top.

Decommissioning Steps:

  • Perform a site visit with the owner or representative to determine the needs for decommission. We make a detailed list and value assessment of all items with resale value, scrap items, items that will be removed with no value, and structural areas to be removed or demolished.
  • Write a detailed scope of work that entails all processes to be performed, stages of removal, safety procedures, insurance certificates, and dollar amounts to be paid to the owner for valuable equipment and/or costs to perform decommission if costs outweigh the value of assets.
  • Scope of work is sent to the owner or representative for adjustments or approval.
  • Start date and end date of project are scheduled and confirmed by both parties; final contract is created and signed by both parties.
  • After decommissioning is complete, final site visit is performed by owner or representative with LEL’s agents to assure that all the requirements in the contract were met.

Tank Cleaning

If your facility has fluid or gas tanks that must be decommissioned, LEL International has the experience and thorough knowledge of safety regulations to help. As with our other decommissioning services, we handle this task with maximum convenience for the client and pay competitive rates for used equipment in good condition.

The Data Center Partnering Program provides a framework for LEL and our partners to execute business and bring value to our customers.

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