Used Industrial Chiller and HVAC Recycling / Reclamation


As a full service dealer of used industrial equipment, we buy used chillers of all types from facilities across the United States. When your unit has outlived its use, contact us for expert uninstallation, removal, and recycling. We offer top payment rates for frick chillers, water cooled chillers, and air cooled chillers from commercial and industrial facilities, recycling the components in accordance with regulations and giving your company a check that it can put toward a replacement unit.

There are complex regulations governing the disposal of chillers and the environmentally hazardous refrigerant that most models use. Instead of risking disaster with an inexperienced removal team, trust us to take care of everything and pay you top dollar for the equipment.

We begin with a free site inspection and quote so that you know exactly what to expect during the chiller removal/recycling process. Once we have agreed with you on a price, one of our managers will set up an appointment that works with your facility’s busy schedule. Our professional teams work quickly, following safety protocols and ensuring that your personnel and other equipment are protected.

Our teams are experienced in dismantling water cooled and air cooled chillers, removing refrigerant safely and separating recyclable parts at our lay-down yards located in Dallas, TX; Charlotte, NC; Phoenix, AZ; and Salt Lake City, UT. After the process is complete, we send documentation so that you have proof that your used chiller was recycled appropriately.

We have been buying and selling used industrial equipment like chillers, compressors, boilers, and cooling towers for many years. Trust our expert teams to remove your chiller safely, wherever it is installed on your property, and process it the way it should be done. Contact us as well when you are looking to replace your chiller to find out how buying a used unit can save you up to 80 percent over buying a new one.

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