Current Inventory: Complete Facilities and Real Estate

    Complete Facilities Units

    At LEL International, we deal in complete industrial facilities as well as individual pieces of equipment. Purchasing an entire facility can maximize cost savings for your company, especially if the used components at the facility are in good condition and capable of functioning normally for many years to come. We invite you to call and speak with one of our representatives to find out what sites we are currently controlling and how a complete facility purchase can be a great step for your company.

    Buying a facility as a complete lot gives your company access to many items that are difficult to find at good prices on their own. At a complete site, you are likely to find not only cooling towers, compressors, boilers, and other large units, but also the infrastructure that goes along with them—ladders, rails, steel supports, and other items of value, all ready to provide excellent service at an incredible investment price.

    Our agents are always prepared to schedule a site visit at your convenience. As with all the used industrial equipment we sell, we encourage prospective buyers to thoroughly inspect a site so that they have firsthand knowledge of the high quality equipment they are paying for. A sales representative will meet you at the site, provide detailed descriptions of all units included, and show you around until you are satisfied that you are making a great choice for your company’s future.

    For an industrial company that is in need of a large number of cooling towers, boilers, or other large units, buying a complete site can be an extremely low-cost alternative to paying full price on new equipment. This option is also ideal for companies looking to relocate without building a new facility from the ground up. Please contact us to ask more about the golden opportunity represented by a complete site purchase.


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