Current Inventory: Cooling Towers

Used Cooling Towers for Sale

Cooling towers are a necessity for any industrial or commercial cooling system. They are primarily used for HVAC systems and for industrial processes.

Common industrial applications include cooling the water which circulates in petrochemical and other chemical plants, oil refineries and thermal power stations. These towers reject heat from water-cooled systems and expel that heat into the atmosphere. High quality cooling towers provide the sustained operation necessary for you and your company to function efficiently. These towers are crucial to maintaining climate control and other aspects of your operation.

At LEL, we can help you determine your needs and select the used cooling tower that is best for you. With a wide range of cooling towers, we are confident that we can find the right brand and model for you. With strict maintenance, a used cooling tower can function for many years before it needs to be replaced.

Please email or call today to learn more about LEL International’s used cooling tower offerings.

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