MTU-Marelli Generator Package 2.2 MW

Quantity: 2

Manufacturer: Marelli

Model: 16V4000G83

Year: 2008

Location: Houston, TX

Price: Request Price

MTU-Marelli Generator Package 2.2 MW   - Tier 2

These units are available for load bank testing at Apollo Electric in Houston, TX.  We welcome an onsite inspection for load bank testing.  To date, there has only been 1 hour and 15 minutes of load bank testing. Please LEL International directly with any questions or to set up an inspection.

Engine Information:

MTU Diesel Engine (Mfg: Germany)

Model: 16V4000G83

Year: 2008

Certified to EPA Tier 2 Standards

MTU Diesel Engine 16V4000G83 

Maximum Power: (bhp): (3,351) @ 1,800 rpm

Power: 2280 KW (2250 KW)



Marelli Generator/Alternator

Year: 2008

Continuous Duty Type

2,250 KVA

480 Volts

60 Hz


Deep Sea Electronics

Model: DSE8610

Control Mode

Remote Radiator


Units Service History

A Preservation Plan has been in place with these units since they have been decommissioned.  The plan includes:

- Oil circulating pumps that cycle oil throughout the entire engine constantly every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day.  This keeps all internal engine  components lubricated

-Engine heaters kept running in order to maintain a desirable temperature in the engine.

-Space heaters in the generator ends to keep the moisture levels extremely low. 

-Cooling system was filled with a special liquid and capped.

-Rotated to prevent flat spots.


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