Rocore Radiators

Quantity: 2

Manufacturer: Rocore

Model: HB57-8-25C

Location: SC

Lot Number: RoCore Radiator

Price: Request Price

Motor: 25 HP,  1750 rpm, 3/60/230/460 volt

Engine Data

Engine Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Engine Model: S16R-PTA

Enging Rating: 1750 EKW

Engine Speed: 1800 RPM

Engine Heat Load, BTU/MIN: 58,558

Coolant Flow, GPM: 489.0

Coolant, % Ethylene Glycol: 50

Duty: Standby


Design Conditions

Load Factor: 100%

Max. Ambient Air Temp, F: 115.0

Max Top Tank Temp, F: 208

Max Altitude, FT: 2000

Air Rise to Cooler, F: 0.0

Fan Data

Fan Diameter: 84 in.

Number of Blades: 11

Fan HP: 21.5

Fan Blade Pitch Angle, Deg: NA

Fan Speed Ratio: 0.252

Fan Model: 422474

Fan Speed: 440 rpm


Fan Tip Speed: 9676 fpm


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